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  • Transform your at-home workout routine and stay in shape with the Folding Indoor Exercise Bike from Wonder Maxi.
  • This exercise bike features 3 different fitness modes, adding variety to your workout by targeting different parts of the body.
  • These modes include upright, semi-stationary, and recumbent. Another important feature included is the front and back arm resistance bands, which help target other areas of the body while cycling.
  • The resistance bands provide 8 levels, ensuring that your workout will remain challenging and effective.
  • Additionally, the backrest and adjustable seat provide support and comfort for longer bike rides when you are feeling ambitious.
  • The digital tracking monitor featured will help guide the workout by providing information on speed, distance, time, and calories burned.
  • The foldable bike can also be stored and moved around with ease, proving to be ideal for small spaces.


  • Brand: Wonder Maxi
  • Color: Blue

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