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  • The Wonder Maxi 3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine produces amazing, accurate vibrations that quicken calorie burning. 
  • Designed to help you improve muscle strength, flexibility, and circulation, the plate shakes your entire body to accelerate fat burning and weight loss. 15 minutes on this vibration machine is equivalent to 1 hour of jogging. 
  • The machine adjusts vibration speed up to 99 using a simple remote control and the integrated LED display shows your workout speed and time to help you better track your progress. 
  • Including 2 resistance bands, enhance your workout and add an extra level of calorie-burning to your routine. 
  • Suction cups secure the device in place, and the non-slip rubber surface ensures you don’t fall off. 
  • The solid ABS plastic shell supports up to 330 pounds, withstanding heavy workouts while helping you achieve your ideal self. When you’re finished, the machine’s ultra-thin design equipped with a moving roller minimizes hassle by providing easy transportation and storage.
  • Perfect for enhancing your workout routine, the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine by Wonder Maxi burns away the fat to help you quickly achieve results.


  • Brand: Wonder Maxi