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  • 3 in-1 Bundle – Includes 60 7.5 Mil thick, heat-sealable, 1-gallon Mylar bags with zipper seal and gusset bottom, 60 oxygen absorber packets (400cc each), and 60 identification sticker labels (1 x 2in each). Perfect for pantry items like flour, sugar, rice, and freeze-dried or dehydrated foods.
  • Maximum Protection – Engineered with an added internal layer of aluminum, which provides superior durability and puncture resistance to keep air and moisture out and the food inside fresh and made with BPA-free, food-grade, and safe materials.
  • Resealable Airtight Zipper – Our stand-up pouches have a convenient zipper that can be sealed, opened, and re-sealed. The zipper provides a strong seal for short-term storage, and the bag can be heat-sealed above the zipper for long-term storage.
  • Ten Packs Of Oxygen Absorbers – Uniquely offered as sets of ten, Wallaby absorbers are packaged, and heat sealed closed immediately after production. They are never repackaged to prevent oxygen exposure and maximize their potency and shelf life.
  • NOTE: Bags may NOT shrink like a vacuum bag when the oxygen has been removed. Absorbers do NOT absorb air; they absorb oxygen which is only 21% of the air. About 1/5 of the air volume will be gone, and 4/5 remains no matter how many absorbers are used.


  • Brand: Wallaby
  • Color: Silver
  • Count Per Pack: 60