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  • Your hearing is invaluable, so whether you need hearing enhancement while hunting or hearing protection while you shoot, you count on these premium protection earmuffs to give your hearing every advantage. 
  • These muffs feature 4 listening modes: Universal, Speech Clarity, Hi Frequency, and Power Boost. 
  • Protect your hearing with 26 dB of noise reduction through variable dynamic sound suppression. High-gain omnidirectional mics provide excellent clarity in the field or on the range. The comfortable ear cups and ergonomic headband are designed to wear long-term without any discomfort. 
  • If the comfortable design makes you forget you’re wearing them, don’t worry, these muffs have an auto shut off after 2, 4, or 6 hours to save battery life. 
  • These muffs also feature Bluetooth connectivity so you can tune out the world and into your music. 
  • Keep your ears safe and your hearing precise with these XCEL 500BT Electronic Active Shooting Hearing Protection Earmuffs from Walker when you head out to the range or try to bag the big game.


  • Brand: Walkers