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  • This 5.5-gallon gas jug undergoes a 15-point quality test to ensure its virgin, high-density polyethylene construction can stand up to the rough and tumble treatment it can get during races.
  • The container pours quickly and easily thanks to a contoured handle, bottom grip, non-breakable multipurpose cap, and rubber gaskets. 
  • This is not a portable fuel container. Intended uses are for racing fuel only, such as Nitromethane or Methanol that are used in sanctioned motorsports and are not for fuel used on highways. 
  • Don’t let your race come down to how fast you refuel. Pour the fuel you need quickly and easily with the VP Racing Motorsports Container and Hose Kit. 
  • Note: This container is solely intended for use with non-fuel or non-kerosene products and must not be used to transport fuel or kerosene for storage and transport of recyclable automotive fluids, non-potable water, feed attractants, and other outdoor products.


  • Brand: VP Racing Fuels