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Vevor Clamp On Pallet Forks 2000lbs with Adjustable Stabilizer Bar, 60in Tractor Bucket Forks Skid Steer Quick Attach.


  • 60″ Clamp on Pallet Forks: If you are looking for high-quality fork attachments for your tractor, our clamp-on pallet fork applied widely is a perfect assistant for your daily farm work. These pallet forks with an adjustable stabilizer bar have 2000 lbs load-carrying capacity, allowing you to handle debris around your workplace easily.
  • 2000 lbs Working Capacity: Our clamp-on pallet forks can hold loads up to 2000 lbs, which means it can be applied to both agricultural and industrial sites.
  • Easy Installation: It’s easy to use. Slide the fork over the cutting edge of the bucket, and clamp it down to lock.
  • Adjustable Stabilizer Bar: It is convenient to prevent your forks from spreading apart and adjust the distance from 23.6″ to 45″ (Width).
  • Usage Caution: It is recommended that you should choose the right pallet fork according to your tractor’s bearing capacity and place the loads back during use.
  • Stable Structure: The pallet fork is constructed of all-steel structure, chain holes, rollback protection slots, and upgraded screw rod, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for fitting most loaders, tractors, and skid steers. It allows you to easily move fence posts, hay bales and clear debris around your workplace.


  • Brand: TaoTronics
  • Overall Length: 60”/1500 mm
  • Fork Length: 43”/1090 mm
  • Fork Width: 2.75”/70 mm
  • Fork Height: 1.95”/50 mm
  • Bucket Lip Gap: 2.95″/75 mm
  • Load Capacity: 2000 lbs/907 kgStabilizer Bar: Adjusts from 23.6”~45”/600~1150 mm
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 59.84 x 12.99 x 3.15 Inches