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The quick tractor hitch has high adaptability with tractors, mainly used for category 1 and 2 tractors, and can be installed without damaging tractors. The 3-point quick hitch is made of alloy steel for high strength and strong compression resistance. The quick hitch for the tractor strengthens stability by thickening the bottom plate and welding the triangular steel plate. The detailed design of the quick hitch bushing is humanized. The lever force pulls down the lower link to achieve the effect of labor-saving. The pin hook has the function of a fixed position to strengthen the security of operation.


  • High Compatibility: The quick tractor hitch has high adaptability with the loader, mainly suitable for Category 1 and Category 2 tractors. The 3-point quick hitch lets you easily connect your tractor to your loader in minutes, saving you time and labor.
  • No Drilling Required: The top hook of the quick hitch has a 5-level adjustable position to fit most accessories. Therefore, it is no need for welding, and not damage the tractor. Instead, back your tractor right up to the back of the adapter, hook it into the top link bar, and connect your lower lift pins.
  • Rigid Alloy Steel: The quick hitch for the tractor is made of alloy steel. Due to alloying elements, its strength is 25%–50% higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. It has higher corrosion resistance than carbon steel under various atmospheric conditions.
  • Reinforced Structure: The heavy-duty reinforced 3-point quick hitch is structurally stable and has 3000 lbs lifting capacity. The steel plates on both sides of the top hook are reinforced to a thickness of 0.16″. In addition, Triangle steel plate welding is adopted on both sides to increase stability.
  • Effortless Operation: The lower link above the quick hitch, hydraulic, and lever principle for labor-saving operation. The spring-loaded lever to lock the lift. The two sides of the pin hook with the limit function strengthen stability and improve security.


  • Brand: Vevor
  • Dimensions: 33.46 x 25.79 x 8.86 Inches
  • Weight: 60.96 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 3000 lbs
  • Color: Black