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  • Avoid all the hard parts of owning a backyard spa by replacing your filter with a Replacement Pool Filter Cartridge from Unicel. 
  • Offering a longer life than most replacement filter cartridges, the Unicel filters are built to last using a durable filter media from Reemay, constructed of high-density polyester that has been spunbound to with less wasted filtering area. 
  • With a quality construction and tight seals around each of the 170 pleats, this filter cartridge allows for more clean and clear water to pass through, thanks to sharp and rigid pleat fold around the entirety of its 7-inch diameter body. 
  • The tough urethane end caps assure durability throughout the lifetime of the cartridge, helping it stand up to any sort of debris that works its way into the filter. This filter is a recommended replacement for the Hayward CX580XRE or for Unicel C 7483, C 7477, or C 7484 filters. 
  • With the capability to clean an area as large as 80-square-feet, this Unicel Filter Cartridge is a dependable solution for any small pool, hot tub, or residential spa. 
  • Plunge into your pool not your pockets by choosing the high-quality filter accessories from Unicel for the long-term filtering of your backyard oasis.


  • Brand: Unicel

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