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Three-in-one use The Ukoke Cordless Rotary Tiller provides hassle-free garden cultivation, groundbreaking, and soil cultivation with its compact and lightweight design. With its 5-inch depth and easy-to-maneuver control, it can be used for long periods. Double Switch for safety to keep users out of danger from the tines, Ukoke Tiller Cultivator offers a double switch to double the safety. When the button and trigger are pressed simultaneously, only then the cultivator starts working to prevent any injuries. Additional handle for control Ukoke provides an extra handle on its cultivator to offer well-balanced management of the machine while working in soil with one hand. Durable steel tines The Ukoke Cordless Tiller Cultivator also contains 12 steel tines on both sides to make the cultivation process light and easy and efficiently help the water, oil, and air mix and penetrate underneath for healthy root growth. Adjustable length suitable for all the 45° adjustable length with extended 6 inches of the Tiller allows all users to easily maneuver and use the machine in the soil with ultimate comfort. Instead of jostling right and left or bending to get the suitable cultivation, this tiller enables its user no fatigue with its easy access.


  • Super Convenient Cordless Tiller: With the Ukoke Cordless Tiller Cultivator, all inaccessible places are now within reach. No power outlet in sight? No worries, because the Ukoke Cordless Rotary Tiller doesn’t need one. This cultivator inhibits all the inconvenience provided by the cord lying around and provides more power and freedom to move around
  • Tilling Weed Made Easy: Providing a total of 280 max RPM power with 24 Steel angled tines, the Ukoke Tiller Cultivator can effortlessly cut through any hard or clay-like soil. It doesn’t only plow the land but also manages weed growth with a long-lasting battery that provides long periods of plowing
  • Say Goodbye to Back Problems: The elongated shaft of the Tiller allows everyone to use it with ease at a perfect standing length. With extra handles and a compact design, there’s no need to bend down or over-tax your muscles. This user-friendly versatile design makes gardening a piece of cake for every age of gardening enthusiast!
  • Compact Design Works in Every Yard: Whether you’re cultivating a small area or a medium-sized yard, this Ukoke Tiller Cultivators works in every space perfectly. Designed to take care of your flower beds and backyards, this tiller can clear hard depleted soil, turn over the soil, and can be used on edges to pull out weeds and stray grass.
  • Eco-friendly & Noiseless Operation: This cordless tiller has a quiet operation, and its operation is entirely eco-friendly as it does not emit any gases or foul odor
  • Long-Lasting Battery: It contains a 2.5Ah 20V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lasts for about 35 minutes, giving you ample time to plow into your entire backyard. This battery time can cultivate up to 325 Sq. ft. Also, it takes around 3 to 4 hours to charge it completely


  • Brand: Ukoke
  • Dimensions: 55.00 x 9.00 x 8.00 Inches
  • Weight: 12 Pounds