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  • This innovative, multi-purpose design delivers an unparalleled strength-cardio-stretching-infused, full body workout for anyone, at any age or fitness level. 
  • The APEX G1 features 6 levels of resistance and includes a cable pulley system, wing attachment, and leg pull accessory. 
  • Using the incline glideboard and your own bodyweight as resistance, the APEX G1 is so versatile it allows for over 60 exercises and limitless workouts. 
  • Whether you’re looking to burn calories, build muscle or improve flexibility, the Total Gym APEX G1 accomplishes that and more, all while working your core as you stabilize yourself on the moving glideboard. 
  • Receive guidance from Total Gym training programs, exercise tools like the included exercise wall chart, and the new Total Gym TV on-demand video platform to stream workouts from any device 24/7. 
  • Total Gym professional trainers and the user community will be with you along the way. Total Gym is the world leader in incline bodyweight training.


  • Brand: Total Gym