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  • These reliable woodworking tools eliminate the need to bend down and grab logs all day. 
  • The unique jaw configuration makes gripping logs and carrying them much simpler than by hand. 
  • These durable logging tongs are made with steel and have an uncomplicated design, ensuring this tool will stay in action for years to come. 
  • Using this claw grabber, you can handle log sizes all the way up to 8 inches in diameter. 
  • The lightweight, compact design makes transporting, carrying, and handling these tools a breeze, so you can stay focused on the job at hand. 
  • This set of tongs is great for handling firewood, clearing branches, and hauling other cumbersome items around your yard or worksite. 
  • The best tools are the ones that make simple tasks even easier. 
  • Work faster, longer, and better with the Timber Tuff Steel Log Tongs 4 Pack.


  • Brand: Timber Tuff