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These pieces are constructed of a solid, die-cast, aluminum body for heavy-duty and long-lasting cutters.


  • Simple and easy to use, the tenon cutters cut logs to your desired diameter, and the included Forstner bits bore holes for easy furniture assembly. 
  • The 3-piece set includes a 1-inch, 1-1/2-inch, and 2-inch cutter, and the dual high-speed blades make for fast and easy cutting. 
  • The blades are constructed of steel so they can be re-sharpened and replaced if needed. 
  • The tenon cutters feature a scale to help guide you and allow you to balance and fix the dual blade position for maximum efficiency. 
  • A powder-coat finish resists corrosion for long-lasting durability, and the bright lime green color provides ease of locating the tool. 
  • Attaching to your existing 1/2-inch or larger drill, these eliminate the need to buy another power tool. 
  • Lightweight yet strong and solid for easy handling, the Timber Tuff’s 3-Piece Tenon Cutter Set gives you a versatile tool to help you complete many different projects and is the perfect instrument for hobbyists, homeowners, crafters, and furniture makers.


  • Brand: Timber Tuff