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At Tacklife, we aim to manufacture the best products that inspire our consumers to live a more convenient, secure lifestyle. We have our professional products monitoring team to focus on every single detail that matters to you and develop well-made, portable, exquisite products. The hose is made of rubber and plastic pipe, which is more wear-resistant than ordinary PVC hoses of other products and has a longer service life.


  • Auto Reel With 65+7 Ft Hose – Puts Itself Away: When it is time to rewind the hose, a simple tug unlatches the drum, and the Auto Reel’s patented automatic rewind system takes over. The braking mechanism ensures a controlled rewind whilst the layering system neatly coils the hose with no kinks tangles or effort.
  • Locked At Any Length & Safer Speed Auto Rewind: The reel’s mechanism automatically locks so that you don’t have to hold the hose taught. To unwind more hose simply pull the hose and the mechanism will unlock allowing you to easily water various parts of your garden. It takes 12-15 seconds to wind the 30M hose back, Safer Speed design makes it safer for children, pets, and seniors.
  • Include All Necessary Fittings & 180 Degree Coverage: Complete with All necessary fittings to connect to your tap and start watering. The robust wall bracket allows the Auto Reel to pivot 180 degrees allowing you to reach every part of your garden. Screws and wall plugs are provided and are suitable for brick, concrete, and stone. The Auto Reel can easily be removed from the wall bracket allowing the unit to be stored away during winter.
  • Fitting Various Hose Nozzles & Replaceable PVC Hose: The hose fits most spray nozzles, allowing you to choose the most suitable water pattern. Follow the instruction video to change the hose, when you open the flipping cap please do follow the instruction stickers on it.


  • Brand: Tacklife
  • Hose Length: 30M
  • Diameter: 13mm


  • 1 x Tacklife Reel with 30M Hose(Diameter:13mm) and 2M Lead Pipe
  • 1 x Spray Gun
  • 2 x Hose Connector
  • 1 x Faucet Connector (1/2′ and 3/4′)
  • 4 x Wall Mounting Screws
  • 4 x Expansion Tube
  • 1 x PP Bolt
  • 1 x User Manual