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  • 2200W¬†high¬†power¬†countertop¬†blender¬†powerful¬†and¬†rotates¬†up¬†to¬†28000¬†RPM.
  • An 8 blades stainless steel knife set of Swiitol makes the stirring range wider and more efficient.
  • 70Oz/2L¬†large¬†capacity¬†Blender,¬†which¬†is¬†enough¬†to¬†provide¬†cold¬†drinks¬†for¬†about¬†6¬†people¬†at¬†the¬†same¬†time,¬†and¬†it¬†is¬†a¬†perfect¬†kitchen¬†aid¬†during¬†parties.¬†
  • Swiitol¬†Blender¬†Breaker¬†Ice¬†Crusher¬†for¬†Making¬†vegetable¬†juices,¬†shakes,¬†smoothies,¬†soy¬†milk,¬†hot¬†soups,¬†frozen¬†desserts,¬†cereal¬†powders,¬†crushed¬†ice,¬†and¬†more.¬†
  • Careful design Swiitol Blender food processor is equipped with an ergonomic handle, and the Juicer will not start when the cups are not aligned, as well as it will stop running when the cups are lifted, ensuring safety during use.


  • Brand: Swiitol¬†
  • Dimensions: 14.45 x 12.13 x 10.04 Inches
  • Color: Gray, Black
  • Capacity: 70 oz
  • Power: 2200 Watts