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More Fun & Safer Hoovykart Improves On The Original Hoverboard In Two Important Ways. Firstly It’s Way More Fun And Easier To Learn. With This Kit, Your Hoverboard Becomes A Go Kart, More Importantly, Hoovkart Makes Hoverboards Safer, No More Spills And Falls From The Unstable Standing Position Hoovykart Allows You To Have A Comfortable Seated Position Allowing For Perfect Balance At All Times


  • More Fun & Safer – Hoovykart improves on the original hoverboard in two important ways. Firstly it’s way more fun and easier to learn – with this kit, your hoverboard becomes a go-kart! More importantly, Hoovkart makes Hoverboards safer! No more spills and falls from the unstable standing position – Hoovykart allows you to have a comfortable seated position allowing for perfect balance at all times.
  • Arrives Fully Assembled – We eliminated the hard work. Hoovykart arrives fully assembled – all you have to do is use the included velcro straps to fasten it to your hoverboard and bolt in the seat. You are ready to ride in 2 minutes or less!
  • Adjustable & Full Control – The adjustable leg bar allows riders of all heights to ride. Padded foam handlebars allow full control to start, stop and perform 360° turns with ease
  • Extra Parts Included – Additional straps and parts are included to cover the wear and tear of riding. Simply swap out the straps when you need to


  • Brand: STK
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 25.00 x 15.00 x 13.00 Inches
  • Weight: 16 lbs