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  • The 12-Quart Storage Bin Containers from Sterilite offers a convenient and space-saving storage solution for your home or office spaces. 
  • Don’t try to juggle a handful of items at once. Store them in these small but mighty containers that can’t be opened with a single hand. With 2 secure gasket-sealed hinges on the lid, the second latch acts as a handy hinge. 
  • Designed with a clear base and lid, you’re able to quickly view the contents inside for an efficient find. 
  • The lids allow you to easily stack each tote on top of the other to maximize space in your closet, garage, or storage shed. 
  • With a spacious 12-quart capacity, these multi-purpose boxes solve all kinds of storage dilemmas, while sporting a space-saving design. 
  • Clear some clutter from your life and tuck away your belongings with the 12 pack of the Storage Bin Container Totes from Sterilite.


  • Brand: Sterilite