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With a generous 1.5-bushel capacity, each of these laundry baskets makes it easy to carry, sort, and fold clothes, towels, and sheets. This package includes 48 laundry baskets. 


  • These large clothes baskets have wide, rectangular openings that make loading and unloading of large amounts of laundry more comfortable. 
  • Each of these baskets features contoured grip surfaces that add comfort and ease when carrying loads of clothes to and from the laundry room. 
  • Integrated handles on all 4 sides of the basket allow for easy lifting and carrying through doorways, hallways, and up and down stairs. 
  • When not in use, the laundry baskets stack neatly and nest together for compact storage. 
  • The large, oval hole pattern increases airflow for added ventilation and matches any home decor. 
  • Overall, each of the 48 plastic laundry baskets measures approximately 24 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 10 inches tall. 
  • Easily carry laundry


  • Brand: Sterilite