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  • Built from solid all-welded steel, the firearm safe is secure from anyone who doesn’t have the double-bitted key. 
  • The keys can only be removed if the unit is locked, so you’ll never accidentally leave your ammo unsecured. 
  • The 3-point locking system latch passes through the door and rests against the frame for maximum security. The roomy interior features 3 fixed shelves with 75-pound capacities each. 
  • The cabinet holds up to 8 standard-sized ammo canisters, allowing you to maximize your space as needed. Best of all, the stack-on safe box has a compact design that easily installs anywhere. 
  • The base has pre-drilled mounting holes and all fastening hardware is included. Keep the safe in your closet, on the floor, or add it to the top of another Stack-On cabinet. 
  • Keep all your ammunition in one convenient, safe space in the Stack-On Firepower Locking 55 Inch Steel Ammo Cabinet.


  • Brand: Stack-On