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  • Squeaker Rainbowie the Rainbow Dog is an exclusive rainbow-colored balloon dog that is totally interactive and comes to life when you play with her! 
  • Pop Squeakee Rainbowie with her pink Pin to see and hear her deflate! Then inflate her back up with her pump! 
  • Train Squeakee Rainbowie with her bright yellow Squeaker Toy! Use it to teach her to sit or beg. She gets very excited when she hears it! 
  • Feed Squeakee Rainbowie with her exclusive colored Pump to make her pee or fart!  
  • Tickle Squeakee Rainbowie and she’ll roll into her back and ask for more! Squeakee Rainbowie the rainbow dog, reacts to your voice. 
  • Tell her off to let her know when he’s been a naughty balloon dog.


  • Brand: Squeakee
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 18.90 x 13.98 Inches
  • Weight: 3.473 lbs
  • Color: Rainbowie
  • Age Range: 5 Years & Up
  • Contained Battery Type: 2