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  • Includes a fully distributed neutral bar, allowing for the installation of Homeline plug-on neutral combination arc fault breakers on any space
  • Each pole space is compatible with a Square D Homeline full-size, tandem or quad breakers
  • Ground and neutral bars accept up to (3) #10-14 equipment grounds
  • Includes (3) HOM120 Homeline 20 Amp single-pole circuit breakers, (2) HOM230 Homeline 30 Amp double-pole circuit breakers, and a combination flush/surface cover
  • Accommodates plug-on secondary surge arrestor (sold separately)
  • Overhead/underground feed simply by rotating the device before installing
  • Single phase, Indoor Main Breaker Homeline Breaker Box
  • Rated 120/240 VAC and 22,000 AIR short circuit current rating
  • Automatic flush adjusting cover requires less time to complete the job
  • Designed with straight-in mains to save expensive cable and time
  • Distributed split branch neutral with terminal screws backed out offering up to 50% more terminals than UL requires increases wiring flexibility, saving installation time and simplifying wiring
  • Thermoplastic interior assembly is among the most rugged in the industry
  • Slot/square drive screws let you use either a standard flat-blade screwdriver or square-head driver for positive drive and proper torque
  • For protection from damage or theft on the job site, interiors can be easily removed with a single captive screw
  • 3-ground bar mounting locations (left, right, and end) let you pick the easiest spot to wire
  • Made in the USA


  • Brand: Square D 
  • Load Center Depth (in.): 3.75
  • Load Center Height (in.): 26.04
  • Load Center Width (in.): 14.25
  • Maximum Amperage (amps): 100
  • Number of Circuits: 48
  • Number of Spaces: 24
  • Voltage (volts): 120/240