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Beware of copycats, we’re the original nitro model and the only one that includes a tap plug to prevent drips! Includes: improved stout creamer faucet; 64 oz keg; unique pressure relief valve; cartridge holder; faucet/tower combo wrench; tap plug; carry bag; cleaning brushes and pre-cut hose


  • Don’t Forget Royal Brew Nitrogen or Nitrous Cartridges (sold separately) — Get a smooth, frothy home coffee cold brew the way the baristas do it. For a sweeter, cold foam taste, use one 8g nitrous oxide cartridge. For a frothy and delicious cascading mouthfeel, use two 2g nitrogen cartridges (sold separately). NOTE: Only fill keg 75% maximum with coffee to allow gas to form. Be sure to shake the cold brew kit after charging. For best results, use a quality cold brew or your favorite concentrate.
  • Save Over $700 Annually — Known as the best cold brew coffee maker, Royal Brew pays for itself within 2-3 months of purchase when not buying overpriced coffee at a coffee shop. Imagine rolling out of bed and immediately pouring your favorite nitro coffee from a premium ice coffee machine. Sometimes you wait in coffee lines so long you start to question your life decisions. Why am I paying $5 for a daily cup of nitro-brew coffee? No more lines or drink mix-ups!
  • Fits In Your Fridge, Upgrades Coffee Bar — Get the classic look and feel of stout dispensing systems in a cold brew kit. We listened to our customers and updated our cold brewer faucet for smooth, no-leak pouring. This durable, cold coffee maker is an attractive addition to any coffee bar and will fit in the fridge for easy access. 7″ diameter (spanning from faucet attached across to keg diameter) x 13.9″ tall from the top of faucet tap handle to bottom of keg x 5.31″ diameter of keg body


  • Brand: Royal Kitchen
  • Dimensions: 7.00 x 7.00 x 14.00 Inches