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Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Internal Route Plan with 2000Pa Strong Suction, 200min Runtime, Carpet Boost, APP Total Control Robotic Vacuum, Ideal for Pets and Larger Home


  • Effective Cleaning: 10% faster1 movement, intelligent navigation powered by dual gyroscopes, an OpticEye™ motion tracking system, and a Z-shape route clean your floors quickly and efficiently.
  • Intense Suction: An 11% boost to 2000Pa means powerful maximum suction that easily lifts dust off floors and out of carpets. Automatic Carpet Boost turns suction to maximum when a rug is detected, for more effective vacuuming.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: A 100% battery boost to 5200mAh means enough energy to clean up to 200sqm (2152sqft)4.
  • Large Dustbin: A 640ml dustbin stores more debris, meaning it can be emptied less often.
  • App And Voice Control: Start/stop cleanups, set suction strength, set schedules, and more in an app.
  • Auto Top-Up: When cleaning large spaces, E4 will return to the dock, top-up its battery, and continue vacuuming where it left off.
  • Cliff Sensors: An array of Cliff Sensors always scan for ledges and steps, preventing accidental falls.
  • 2cm (0.8in) Climbing: Climb swiftly over room thresholds and onto carpets around the home.
  • Anti-Tangle Components: Anti-Tangle main brush, side brush, and wheels minimize tangles from long hair or pet hair, keeping the robot running without interruption. Washable HEPA-Type Filter: Roborock Long-lasting HEPA-Type filter can be washed when it is dirty instead of discarded and replaced.


  • Brand: Roborock