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  • This gas grill features 2 stainless steel burners for a total of 20,000-BTU of power to keep you going.
  • Grab your own adaptor hose and hook up a gas cylinder. With the ability to attach either a 1-pound or 20-pound liquid propane tank, the gas griddle provides enough heat for both small and large cookouts.
  • There’s plenty of room to grill for everyone at your backyard barbeque or weekend tailgate. Whip up some burgers and eggs or make a stir fry to show off your skills. 
  • The mobile cart’s 2 wheels and folding design make transportation convenient if your grilling expertise is requested elsewhere. 
  • The outdoor grill’s side shelf offers extra space for easy access to both utensils and condiments. 
  • This will help you remain hands-free as you grill your meats to perfection. Use the rolled steel lid to steam or melt foods. 
  • This handy lid also provides extra protection to use when cooking in unexpected weather. For the food grilling enthusiast, bring your friends and family together to spend days cooking out in the backyard with the 2-Burner LP Gas Griddle by Razor.


  • Brand: Razor Griddle