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  • Specially concentrated for older, more porous concrete, this material will seal up your old foundations, pads, and heavyweight concrete blocks. 
  • This unique sealer will protect your indoor and outdoor concrete against dusting, cracking, freeze-thaw, deicing chemicals, and efflorescence without changing its appearance.
  • Concentrated for older concrete, RadonSeal Plus is recommended for indoor concrete poured up to 20 years ago or outdoor concrete over 2 years old. 
  • The RadonSeal Plus works by absorbing deep into the concrete and sealing pores and capillaries below the surface. 
  • Unlike other sealants, this concrete sealer will not leave behind a glossy coating and won’t cause the surface to become slippery. 
  • This factor makes the concrete sealer a great choice for areas your loved ones frequently walk on every day. Whether you’re renovating your basement or hardening an aging sidewalk, RadonSeal Plus will help you craft a firm foundation the first time around.


  • Brand: RadonSeal