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  • Adjustable Handle: Covered with soft and non-slip, absorb sweat, humanized foam adjustable handle, this shopping cart lets you adjust height from 38.5″ to 41.5″ for comfortable posture and convenience.
  • Swivel Wheels: Including two 360 degree, 2.5โ€ swivel wheels in the front and two 7โ€ snap-on wheels in the back, simply snap the back wheels on or off, this grocery cart can be changed directions smoothly for quick use.
  • Max Capacity: Our shopping cart can fit oodles of items, up to 66 lbs,it allows you to keep your purse, jacket, umbrella or other personal items in front of you, keep it safe.
  • Dual Iron Tube: Sturdy construction; Steel frame. Basket dimension: 15″ x 13″ x 20″ (L x W x H),Open dimension up to: 20″ x 19″ x 38.5″/41.5″(L x W x H).


  • Brand: Perlesmith