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  • Stream secure 1080p HD video & audio from anywhere. Tune into a secure WiFi stream of Baby’s activity anywhere.
  • See Baby clearly with 4x zoom, wide-angle view & night vision. See what’s happening in Baby’s room, day or night, to better understand their behavior and stay informed of their needs. 
  • View temperature & humidity readings so you know if Baby’s room is comfortable. Help ensure Baby’s nursery is super cozy with live room temperature & humidity readings. Know you’ve dressed Baby appropriately for sleep no matter the season.
  • Watch video clips with sound, motion & cry notifications. Learn Baby’s subtle cues & behavior patterns by watching video clips that capture their behavior before they cry, wiggle, or fuss.
  • Background audio lets you use your phone for other tasks. Listen to audio from your baby’s room in the background while using your phone to scroll, shop, or text, so you can still respond to Baby.
  • Manual Predictive Sleep Technology. Get help figuring out when Baby is ready for their next nap or bedtime with our new Predictive Sleep Technology. Log your baby’s naps and overnight sleep totals in the Owlet Dream App so you can make sure they’re getting the proper amount of sleep. 
  • Use Predictive Sleep with the Dream App. Manually log your baby’s sleep events in the Owlet Dream App and know exactly when Baby is ready for their next sleep with our new Predictive Sleep Technology. (Pair Cam 2 with the Owlet Dream Sock Baby Monitor for automated sleep tracking!)
  • Pair with the Owlet Dream Sock Baby Monitor for the ultimate smart nursery experience. Track how long and how well your baby slept while streaming video of your baby’s sleep environment to your phone from anywhere. Track sleep quality indicators like wakings, heart rate, and average oxygen level. (US & CA only)


  • Brand: Owlet
  • Color: Bedtime Blue

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