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One Bite Trattoria style 15 inch Charcoal and wood burning Pizza Oven. The One Bite pizza oven hits temperatures in excess 800F° for perfect artisan pizza in just moments. The 15″  square pizza stone holds personal and group size  pizzas. Charcoal or wood chunks, or a combination of both heats this unit for ultra high heat and authentic trattoria wood fired flavor. This unit is an excellent addition to your outdoor room and dining experience. Entertain like a master and enjoy the moment with the One Bite pizza oven.


  • 15 inch pizza capacity
  • Unique One Bite Cuboid, even bake technology
  • Authentic charcoal or wood burning pizza oven
  • One Bite accurate temperature gauge
  • Heats to 950°F (500°C)
  • Delicious traditional pizza ready in 3 minutes or less
  • Wood fired trattoria flavor
  • Easy clean receptacle and ash pan
  • Easy fire up
  • Not just for pizza, bake bread, sear and smoke
  • Versatility for many foods


  • Brand: One Bite