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OmniCore Designs Mil-Spec 6-pc. Modular Sleeping Bag System features a temperature range of 30F to -30F and comes in two style: Mummy & Hooded Rectangular What is a Modular Sleeping Bag System? It’s a flexible 6-Piece system that when combined, is rated as low as -30° F. The modular design makes it easy to take or leave components depending on the forecasted weather conditions. Whether using just a single piece, like the breathable Waterproof Bivy cover, or combining all three bags together, this system is great for all weather conditions.


  • Complete Modular Sleep System: The system consists of two Mummy Style sleeping bags that are each independently and fully functional and combined together for maximum protection against mother nature’s most extreme elements!
  • Customize For All Conditions: Each bag can independently work with the Waterproof Bivy cover allowing you to save space and weight with the included SMALL System Compression stuff sack.
  • Temperature Rating: -30°F = Bivy + 30°F Red Intermediate+ 20°F Black Patrol Bag. Insert the Red “Intermediate” Sleeping Bag inside the Black “Patrol” Bag and then both into the waterproof bivy for a Lower Limit Rating of -30°F. (please note: the INDUSTRY temperature rating standards are completed using a test based on a non-moving dummy in a lab. For moving humans that value comfort we recommend adding 20°F-30°F degrees)


  • Brand: OmniCore Designs
  • Shape: Hooded Rectangular