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Omni Core Designs wanted to design a truly great sleeping bag. A bag not utilizing all of its technical features for the singular focus of weight reduction but one equally obsessed with comfort. The Home-Away-Bed M-3D line of sleeping bags is our first foray into the world of Technical Comfort, where we aim to bring the comforts of your home any, and everywhere your life’s adventures take you! This bag is a perfect Cold Weather Hooded Rectangular Mummy bag. What really separates this line of Omni Core bags from the rest is two primary technology features. First is the use of Multiple Down Insulations. Trying to balance the pros and cons of down vs. synthetic fill is a never-ending debate in the outdoor world. While there isn’t an exact answer, in short: Typically, Down is Warmer, Synthetic performs better in Wet Conditions. So we asked ourselves – Why not use both! By using both, we’re maximizing the benefits of both materials while aiming to minimize their limitations! The M-3D’s outermost top and bottom layers use Stratus Loft to maximize its performance in wet conditions. The 650-Fill-Power Down uses its amazing heat-trapping ability in the layer closest to your body. The second technological feature that separates our bag from most is our shape. Shape matters! Stuffing a 3-dimensional object (humans) into a 2-dimensional structure (most sleeping bags) will cause areas of the insulation to become too compressed, minimizing its ability to work effectively. We’ve created our bags into 3-D boxes giving the insulation the necessary room to work its magic, keeping you warmer!


  • True Specs: we use independent 3rd party testing labs to validate the -10โ„‰ / -23.3โ„ƒ conforms to the European Standard (EN13537)
  • Innovative Warmth: Using a Multi-Down Insulation combines the benefits of 650-Fill-Power-Duck Down strategically layered with our proprietary Stratus Loft fill
  • Shape Matters: Our 3D Box Construction allows you and your loved ones to move throughout the night while ensuring the Insulation can keep you warm. The hooded mummy design keeps your head warm by trapping heat trying to escape from your head
  • Ultra Durable Weather Resistant: 75-denier Diamond Ripstop (DWR) Shell keeps you dry
  • Sleep Comfortably: Pillow Pocket allows you to stuff clothes or keeps the camp pillow (sold separately) in place, while the Sleeping Pad Sleeve is designed to keep you from rolling off your pad(s)
  • Technical Design: Draft tubes, collars, and baffles to trap the warm air in and keep cold air out
  • Stay Organized: Stash Pockets: (2) internal mesh and (3) zipper external keeps things organized and always close by
  • Accessories: Compression sack to keep the bag small for ease of transport. Storage sack included to let the down breathe and keep its insulating properties


  • Brand: OmniCore Designs
  • Shoe Size: -10 F
  • Size: Regular
  • Dimensions: 80.00 x 30.00 x 6.00 Inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Color: Gray