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  • 12 Built-In Stitch Patterns Designed with its 12 Built-In Stitch Patterns, this feature is what makes the item stands out. Customers are able to change the 12 different stitch patterns easily and quickly due to the design of the machine. Buttons on the face side allow easy access and quick switches during the sewing process. This machine provides double thread and double speed, along with forward and reversed stitch buttons. Additionally, with the 12 built-in stitch patterns, this sewing machine has the ability to stitch 330 +/-40 stitches per minute, which is at an incredible rate.
  • LED lights NEX Multifunctional Sewing Machine has an LED Light equipped at the Sewing Foot. The LED Light above the foot provides light for individuals using the sewing machine and can help with accuracy and workplace illumination. It provides optimal control during the process of stitch and allows customers to have a more hands-on experience with their product.
  • Portable and High-Quality Materials With a size of 11” x 4.72” x 10.6”, this machine is very portable and lightweight to move around. The compact size allows for easy storage in compact spaces. Designed with ABS plastic and metal allows, this product is very sturdy and reliable.
  • Multifunctional Along with the functions stated above, the NEX Multifunctional Portable Professional Sewing Machine also comes with many unique and functional features such as a Forward and Reverse Sewing Button, Automatic Thread Rewind, Drawers that can help with storage, Hand or Foot Pedal Switch that allows for easy operation, and Speed Adjustable feature.


  • Brand: Nex

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