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  • Scope out hunting spots and hunt securely from this 1-person ladder tree stand with included 4-point safety harness. 
  • This 20-foot-tall ladder stand lets you stay out of sight of deer and other game. To use, you’ll need a tree at least 9 inches in diameter. 
  • This ladder stand supports up to 350 pounds of person and gear. You’ll be able to rest comfortably on this ladder stand as you wait thanks to the spacious Flex-Tek seat that measures 22 inches wide and 17 inches deep. 
  • This 1-person ladder stand also sports padded armrests and a flip-back footrest. While seated, you can use the adjustable shooting rail to keep your aim steady and stay comfortable. The rail flips up to give you more space while bow hunting. 
  • If you prefer to stand while you’re bow hunting, just flip up the seat to stand on the 19- by 25-inch foot platform. This tree stand breaks down into 4 sections and only weighs 82 pounds.


  • Brand: Muddy

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