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  • Teaching Functions for Beginners: Our piano keyboard’s demo songs teaching mode and double keyboard mode are very suitable for teaching activities. Everyone can easily upgrade from a piano beginner to an advanced scholar.
  • Simple & Feature-rich Keyboard Panel: The 88 keys keyboard panel is a minimalist design and beautiful, containing a variety of functions enough to meet the diverse needs of piano scholars. We’ve removed the redundant buttons from the panel, which makes it much easier to use.
  • Variable Timbre, Rhythm & Demonstration Tracks: Our digital keyboard has a large number of timbre and rhythms for you to choose from, through different timbre selections can play a variety of instrument sounds. By adjusting the rhythm, the emotional expression of the song can be more diversified. At the same time, we also have a large number of demonstration songs for you to learn or for other use.
  • Half-Weighted/Semi-Weighted Design: When playing a song, the intensity of the 88 keys will be different according to the intensity of the emotional expression. Because our keyboard has intensity sensing for all the keys, the size of the sound will also change accordingly. All this is for you to have an excellent playing experience.
  • Portable & Wide Range of Applications: Our portable electronic 88 keys piano is light for an adult, it can meet your daily home music practice, but also ideal for outdoor activities, parties, and other occasions of entertainment.


  • Brand: Moukey
  • Count: MEP-110 Beginner Keyboard Piano