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Create your powerful mesh wifi home network. The Motorola Whole Home Mesh System will help your family keep connected whether you are watching TV or movies, playing video games, working, completing classwork, playing, or doing all of it at the same time! The system seamlessly directs your traffic to avoid drop-offs, buffering or bottlenecks. With our MotoManage™ app, the simplest way to monitor your home network, you will be able to easily set up your network, have access to parental controls, and safeguard your home with network level threat detection security (basic app features are included, one month free trial of premium features). Even if you’re not familiar with setting up mesh technology, you can be set up in under 10 minutes using our MotoManage™ app.


  • With high-power WiFi amplifiers, the MH7022 Router plus Satellite provides up to 6,000 square feet* of coverage, eliminating those annoying WiFi dead spots in your home. Intelligent AC2200 Tri-Band technology provides a dedicated channel for your WiFi backhaul assuring the fastest Internet speeds possible. Seamless AP Roaming – with a single network name, the Whole Home WiFi System lets you roam freely throughout your home, always providing you with the strongest possible WiFi signal. MU-MIMO multi-user technology allows your devices to simultaneously send data to and from multiple devices increasing your network’s speed and efficiency.
  • Also includes Band Steering, Wireless Air Time Fairness (ATF), Intelligent Backhaul, Optimized WiFi Channel Selection, and WPA/WPA2 Wireless Security. Motorola will automatically push updates to give you security patches to fix any bugs, improve performance, and new give you new features. Easy Setup. Simply download the MotoManage app, powered by Minim®, to set up your WiFi network in minutes. (Basic app features included, one month free trial of premium features.)
  • Flexible System! Need additional coverage? Add up to 2 additional satellites (MH7021 sold separately) for a secure and expandable WiFi network guaranteed to meet your needs, now and in the future. Contents: Includes 1 Whole Home WiFi Router and 1 Whole Home WiFi Satellite, 2 power adapters, 1 Ethernet cable, and a quick start flyer. Compatible with cable, DSL, satellite, and fiber.


  • Brand: Motorola
  • Assembled Product Weight: 4.75 lb
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.82 x 9.56 x 14.53 Inches

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