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  • Step 1-MMR removes mold and mildew stains in seconds
  • Step 2-onslaught disinfectant is an EPA-registered disinfectant designed for mold and mildew remediation
  • MMR is easy to use; simply spray on affected areas, allow to dry, and follow up by spraying or wiping the area with ONSLAUGHT disinfectant
  • Use on concrete, wood, cinder blocks, vinyl siding, drywall and other porous surfaces.
  • Ideal for building materials found in attics, basements, and crawl spaces
  • MMR simplifies tough mold and mildew stain removal jobs
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • A favorite with restoration contractors since 2003
  • No need to scrub, sand, or abrade – MMR has you covered
  • Professional Strength for large jobs, yet safe and easy to use around the home and office
  • This SKU includes (4) 1 gallon of ready-to-use MMR Mold & Mildew stain remover and (4) 2 oz. concentrated pack of Onslaught Disinfectant (Mix with 1 gallon of water)


  • Brand: MMR
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Concentrated
  • Recommended Surfaces: Concrete, Specialty, Stone, Tile, Vinyl, Wood