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The MV6835 creates a powerful vacuum and features a variable thumb throttle and swivel air inlet, an automatic shutoff to prevent overfill, and a quick change coupler.


  • The easiest way to bleed your brakes without the help of a second person!
  • Variable control thumb throttle and a quick-disconnect coupler for accessories
  • The bleeder can evacuate up to 2 qt. per minute
  • Shop-air operation and integrated 1.9-qt. capacity fluid collection reservoir
  • The automatic refill kit ensures the master cylinder does not run dry of new fluid


  • Brand: Mityvac
  • Style: Vacuum Refill Kit
  • Item Dimensions: 8.90 x 12.70 x 10.00 in
  • Item Weight: 5.00 lb
  • Reservoir: 1.9 Quarts
  • Refill Bottle: Yes
  • Multi-Fluid Capable: Yes
  • Exterior: Smooth
  • Bleed Accessories: Included