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MidWest Homes For Pets is proud to offer feline nuvo fine (and fun) feline cat furniture, cat cube, cat trees, and cat scratching post. Designed with a cat’s lifestyle in mind, the escapade cat tree offers a variety of play and lounging options is the perfect addition to any home.


  • The sturdy, multi-tier cat furniture features attractive black ultra-soft faux fur and coordinating designer print fabric. Strong sisal-wrapped supports provide a tough, resilient scratching post for your cat’s scratching and grooming needs, while the plush dark fabric easily wipes clean from fur and accidents. When researching cats’ behavior, MidWest found that cats love elevated retreats, areas to groom, and items for play and recreation. All cats will enjoy these amenities, including nonstop fun and relaxation, with the Feline Nuvo Escapade cat activity tree. For cat tree care, spot clean soiled areas with mild detergent or soap. Blot rinse and air dry. We at MidWest Homes for Pets understand that your cat is a part of your family and that’s why we ensure our cat condos/cat houses/cat trees/cat scratching posts are manufactured with the highest quality control standards creating a safe product for your pet that you can feel confident with.


  • Brand: MidWest Homes For Pets
  • Style: Escapade Cat Furniture, Black Pattern
  • Material: Faux Fur, Sisal, Fabric
  • Color: Black/White Floral
  • Style: Escapade Cat Furniture, Black Pattern
  • Item Dimensions: 31.5 x 17.5 x 40.25 inches
  • Weight: 27.75 Pounds