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The Midea Cube dehumidifier has a unique lift-and-twist design that offers unparalleled flexibility: when operating in extended form, it has up to 3 times more water tank capacity than traditional dehumidifiers and can run much longer without the hassle of frequently emptying the tank; when in nested or drain form, the unit is half the size allowing compact storage or flexible draining. It can fit into any room and maintain the desired humidity level in your home. The patented sensor and Wi-Fi-enabled app allow you to monitor the humidity and water level, all at your fingertips. With multi-directional air intake and up to three different fan speeds, it is powerful enough to dehumidify your room and quiet enough that you’ll forget it’s even there.


  • Energy Star: Energy Star is rated to help you conserve energy and offer savings on your energy bills
  • Multi-Directional Dehumidification: The Midea Cube’s powerful multi-directional air intake system makes it ideal for whole-house dehumidification
  • Safer and More Comfortable Environment: Use the Midea Cube anywhere in your home! – From your basement or bathroom to your bedroom or living room! 
  • Versatile: With no tank, the Midea Cube is about half the size. With the smaller size, lower weight, and easy-to-use handle, you can place the cube anywhere. 
  • Flexible Draining Options: Emptying buckets of water can be a hassle. That’s why we gave the Midea Cube 20-Pint Smart Dehumidifier a drain hose option that saves you from constantly emptying the water tank. Simply place the unit above the sink or over a floor drain using the included hose. If you have a floor drain or sink available, you can empty the water directly without needing the bucket. This allows it to remove excess moisture around the clock without ever having to empty the water tank. 
  • Smart Control: Midea Cube 20-Pints Per Day Smart Dehumidifier for Moderately Damp Spaces, MAD20S1QWT is WiFi-enabled and can be controlled from anywhere using an iOS or Android device. 
  • Voice Control: Midea Cube 20-Pints Per Day Smart Dehumidifier for Moderately Damp Spaces, MAD20S1QWT is wi-fi enabled and has voice control available with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Compact Storage: Midea Cube’s nested design means you can easily find a place to store it when not in use and extend it to its full capacity whenever you need it again.
  • Low-Noise Operation: The Midea Cube is quiet. It gives off a mere 42-decibels (*test results under laboratory standard) while operating, meaning it is quieter than your fridge! 


  • Brand: Midea
  • Dimensions: 13.50 x 13.50 x 21.50 Inches
  • Weight: 33.5 lbs
  • Size: 20 Pint