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  • The heavy-duty ladder sits on the outside of the pool and gives you a solid footing into the pool. Thanks to the swing up and lift-and-lock feature that adds an extra safety measure, you can enjoy the cool waters of your pool knowing that everyone who enters or exits the pool will have a strong footing. 
  • Featuring a flow-thru design, these steps allow water to circulate behind the set of stairs and all around your pool to improve water circulation and reduce algae buildup. 
  • This step ladder system can also be connected directly to your deck by removing the outside ladder body and mounting the platform and handrails to the deck for a seamless transition from your deck to your pool. 
  • Although the hardware kit includes all the nuts and bolts you need to put it together, you’ll need to dig out a few tools you have in your garage or trunk. Be sure you have your Phillips screwdriver, a drill, 1/8-inch bit, a tape measure, 7/16-inch and 9/16-inch sockets, box or open end wrenches, and a padlock before you get started with the assembly process. 
  • In order to prevent any unwanted injuries, be sure to locate the ladder on a solid base and make sure that only 1 person is using at a time. It’s intended for use as a swimming pool ladder only, so using it for fun in your backyard or playground isn’t a good idea. 
  • Face the ladder when getting into and out of the pool waters so you know where you’re going, and avoid jumping or diving from it. 
  • Made of high impact corrosion-proof material, this Above Ground Swimming Pool Smart Step and Ladder System is built to last you through the years.


  • Brand: Main Access