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  • Flexible Temp & Froth Thickness: Maestri House electric milk frother offers you 4 temperature setting: Ordinary Temp, 120℉, 140℉, 160℉, and it also provides 3 different froth density options: low, medium, and high froth density.
  • 21OZ/600ML Extra Large Capacity: TWith its 21oz (600mL) jug capacity, this electric frother and steamer offers the larger than most milk frothers, allowing you to prepare multiple frothy drinks at once. Maximum milk capacity of 10.1oz(300mL) for frothing and 21oz (600mL) for heating
  • Exceptional Touch Button Control: This sleek, professional milk frother feathers a touch control panel, where you can easily choose between functions. Illuminated controls featuring five settings: cold froth, hot froth, hot airy milk, hot milk or hot chocolate.
  • Ingenious and High-end Design: This well-designed milk frother will quickly stir and heat milk to optimal consistency! With its appealing stainless look and easy-to-use nature, this is a must-have for any serious coffee drinker.
  • Effortless Cleanup: The pitcher is made out of a scratch-resistant material(durable 304 stainless steel) while also being dishwasher safe. A proper jug spout means you can pour without splashing.


  • Brand: Maestri House
  • Max Level For Heating: 21oz / 600ml
  • Max Level For Frothing: 10.5oz / 300ml
  • Min Level: 5.3oz / 150ml
  • Color: Moonlight White
  • Voltage: 120V 50Hz
  • Power: 500W

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