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  • Packed with the high-fat, protein-rich nutrition of shelled peanuts that birds love.
  • Includes a combination of split and whole peanuts so it’s easier for birds to grab and eat.
  • Zero fillers or germinating seeds so there’s less waste, clean-up or unwanted weed growth.
  • Great for jays, bluebirds, buntings, chickadees, flickers, house finches, woodpeckers and many more.
  • Easy for wild birds to spot for more bird-feeding action in your backyard.


  • Brand: Lyric
  • Size: 5-lb bag, bundle of 5
  • Food Form: Nuts
  • Bird Type: Wild Bird, Bluebird, Bunting, Chickadee, Finch, Flicker, Grosbeak, Jay, Nuthatch, Titmouse, Towhee, Woodpecker
  • Special Diet: High-Protein