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LoCo Cookers Party Table provides an easy casual serving space when eating crawfish, seafood, or just entertaining. Perfect for backyard seafood and crawfish boils, BBQ, camps, and tailgating. Fold-out legs and position over a garbage can so friends can peel, eat and toss crawfish, lobster, shrimp, clams, and oyster shells along with chicken legs and rib bones. The table features 4 eating stations and includes 2 removable cutting boards. Fold and lock construction with a built-in handle make it easy to take it with you.


  • Adjustable folding legs with a hole in the center for garbage
  • 2 cutting boards, a bottle opener, and 2 paper towel holders for the 4 eating stations
  • Fold and lock construction with built-in handle


  • Brand: Loco Cookers
  • Color: Orange