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  • Combination Ladder: This 3-in-1 combination ladder easily converts from step ladder to extension and leaning configurations, giving you the perfect tool for any job. With its innovative one-handed, Grip-N-Go hinge, the King Kombo can transition from position to position in one smooth motion.
  • Rotating Wall Pad: The crowning jewel of the King Kombo is its rotating wall pad, which allows users to safely lean the ladder on inside and outside corners, walls, poles and studs.
  • Dual-Purpose Legs: The climbing side of the ladder features wide-flared legs for increased side-tip stability. The extension side of the ladder has a functional rear section to fit between studs, and access tight workspaces between wall studs, ceiling trusses and roof or attic access ports.
  • Sturdy Materials: Made with the highest quality materials, this King Kombo is made with Aircraft aluminum, providing an ultra-lightweight, yet sturdy climbing surface.
  • Brand: Little Giant Ladder Systems
  • Assembled Product Weight: 19 lb
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum