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  • Self-Selecting Even with a busy network, Velop knows how to select the clearest channel for your devices.
  • Sleek, Compatible, & Stylish: Each Velop node features a sleek, minimalist tower design that blends seamlessly with your home decor. Nodes are available in a black or white finish, so you can choose the color that best matches the style of a particular room or the devices that you already own.
  • Intelligent Mesh Technology: From the moment you set up your Wi-Fi mesh system, Intelligent Mesh Technology gets to work adapting your Velop system to your home.
  • Manage Your Home Wifi With The Linksys APP With the Linksys App, you can closely monitor and manage your home Wi-Fi remotely using a smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.
  • Guest Access: Create a separate, password-protected Wi-Fi network for up to 50 guests and easily share the password.
  • Parental Controls: Ensure a safe Internet experience for your kids — even when you’re away from home. Restrict access to inappropriate or distracting content, control usage, and block specific devices from accessing the Internet.
  • Device Prioritization: You can prioritize devices that need the most speed.
  • Alexa Support: When paired with Alexa, the Linksys App gives you access to various convenient voice commands.
  • Speed Test: Easily test and monitor your Internet connection’s speed.
  • Self-Healing If someone accidentally unplugs a node, the other nodes will pick up the slack.


  • Brand: Linksys
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.40 x 4.60 x 9.90 Inches

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