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  • Safe And Natural Way to wash your veggies with this revolutionary sanitizing machine which will help eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria from your vegetables, fruit or rice, making them healthier for your family
  • Sanitize Your Phone Or Baby Bottles: utilizing state-of-the-art purification technology this patented baby bottle sterilizer allows you to clean any household item, use it as a phone sterilizer, baby pacifier sterilizer or keys sanitizer
  • Eating Clean And Baby-Safe Made Easier: set your sanitizer machine for home on auto mode 1 for sanitizing fresh produce, mode 2 for dry beans, mode 3 for infant bottles and toys or mode 4 for eating utensils and electronics
  • Truewash Combines UV Light with activated oxygen that can work in a wet mode for fruits and vegetables, baby bottles and silverware and a dry mode for cell phones, keys and household items
  • Easy To Use: with 8 quick-start buttons and a large 8 l basket, this UV and activated oxygen sanitizer box is a must-have accessory for any home kitchen countertop and island prep station
  • Great On Kitchen Countertops, in the laundry room and on island prep stations
  • Works On Anything that can fit inside the large 8-liter basket
  • Leaves No Residual Or Harmful Chemical by-products
  • Reduces Water Consumption – with efficient use of water, TrueWash uses only 16 ft. oz. of water per cycle
  • Activated Carbon Filter prevents ozone from releasing into the air by utilizing a fully enclosed system
  • 8 Quick-Start Buttons with four auto modes and four manual modes for both dry and wet cleaning settings
  • Auto Pre-Set Modes Include: Produce – Fruits/Vegetables, Dry Beans, Rice or Grains, Infant Bottles/Pacifiers/Small Toys, Eating Utensils/Handheld Electronic Devices


  • Brand: Lifesmart
  • Color/Finish: Red
  • Product Dimensions (DxWxH): 13.980 x 13.980 x 16.340 inches