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  • Unique shapes and formulations include savory peanuts, hulled canary seed, millet, oat groats, cracked corn and much more in a fun-to-eat shape that promotes foraging and mental stimulation.
  • Unlike most other seed-based foods, Lafeber hulls its seeds and grains first so the added vitamins and minerals are not lost when the bird cracks and discards the shell.
  • Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and feathers, while essential chelated minerals are quickly absorbed for maximum benefit.
  • Made and hand-packed in the USA on the Lafeber farm using sulfite-free vegetables and fruits, naturally flavored and preserved.
  • Veterinarians are developed to deliver exceptional nutrition; it can be served as a complete diet or an engaging, healthy treat.


  • Brand: Lafeber 
  • Size:  14-lb tub
  • Food Form: Treats
  • Bird Type: Parakeet, Lovebird, Budgie, Parrotlet
  • Special Diet: Non-GMO

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