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  • Fence allows you to accomplish such a wide variety of cuts
  • This fence adjusts both for blade drift and for perpendicularity to the blade (essential when cutting thin veneers)
  • The fence can be removed and reassembled in a low-profile position to allow the blade guard to be moved closer to the workpiece
  • Can accept Resaw guides or our stops for use in additional applications
  • Rigid designed aluminum fence is incredibly strong, straight and built to last for years to come
  • The face and top side of the fence contain t-slots for adding stops, Resaw guides and more
  • When you don’t need the fence, just loosen the locking knob and lift the fence from the mounting rail, below your table’s surface
  • Magnified and easy-to-read for even the smallest adjustments
  • The thin red line on the precision lens cursor lets you accurately set up the fence for cutting veneer, tenons, and more
  • This fence is unique in that it adjusts to set up perfectly square to your table and blade
  • Two simple adjustments allow you to set the fence to match blade drift, greatly enhancing cutting accuracy


  • Brand: Kreg
  • Material: Aluminum Fence
  • Fence Type: Adjustable metal
  • Assembled Weight (lbs): 8.8