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  • This medium-sized Jurassic World Sound Strike dinosaur action figure features realistic movement, attack moves and sounds!
  • Move the tail on the figure from side to side for strike action or move the tail from side to side/up and down for an awesome CHOMP (move both at the same time for realistic, animated movement)
  • Any of the movements activate realistic dinosaur sounds!
  • Movie-inspired sculpting, movable joints, authentic color and realistic texture make the figure come alive!
  • Download the Jurassic World Facts app (Android and iOS) for more dinosaur fun! The app lets you scan your dinosaur and watch it come to life, zoom in on dinosaurs up close, hear dinosaur roars, learn fun dinosaur facts and more!


  • Brand: Jurassic World
  • Dimensions: 2.76 x 11.81 x 4.33 Inches
  • Weight: 0.937 lbs
  • Age Range: 4 Years+