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  • CUT EASILY & DURABLE: The sharp & wavy blades make cut smoothly and easily, keeping the twigs from slipping off. The clean, smooth cuts it brings are good for plants’ health. The blades are made of forged carbon steel which is strong and durable.
  • SAVE EFFORT & EASY USE: The steel handle is strong and heavy-duty, letting you trim thicker shrubs more easily. The soft-grip handles are nonslip and comfortable. The Hand Adjustable Tension Knob & Shock-absorbing Bumper is designed ergonomically.
  • SHARP BLADE & SAFE STORAGE: Precision-ground steel blades with anti-stick coating provide a great cutting performance. Safety Lock allows easy and safe storage. The embedded spring and soft-grip handles are designed to make pruning efficient.


  • Brand: Jardineer
  • Dimensions: 23.00 x 10.00 x 2.40 Inches