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The Perfect Chest Workout Equipment for home workouts. Exercise Equipment Includes Resistance Bands and Unique Fitness Program for Men and Women


  • Revolutionary home fitness equipment that ditches push up bars and handle to sculpt the perfect chest. Resistance bands provide necessary contraction to build strength in your chest, arms, shoulders, and abs: NO RESISTANCE = NO RESULTS
  • Scientifically proven to activate 58% more peak muscle than the bench press. Combines the exercises of bench press, dumbbell press, push-ups, cable-crossovers, pec deck, and dumbbell fly without the workout equipment home gym expense
  • Home workout equipment for men and women that uses the body’s natural “Arc Movement” for the full range of motion, thus rapidly developing a bigger, stronger, leaner chest and providing 46% more peak muscle activation than the pushup
  • The fully assembled machine is portable and easy to store. Beginners, expert bodybuilders, and military physical fitness training no longer require costly weights, bars, racks, or stands in a personal home gym, just the Iron Chest Master
  • The standard bundle includes 6 standard resistance bands, each with 10 lbs of resistance (30 lbs of resistance on each side or 60 lbs of resistance in total). Nutrition guidance and 6 unique Iron Chest Master workouts free of charge


  • Brand: Iron Chest Master
  • Tension Level: 60lbs