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INSE E3 robotic vacuum cleaner only 7.2cm thin, which allows it to be cleaned under furniture such as sofas and beds. There is no blind spot as it carefully cleans even the places that the canister type could not reach! Two side brushes scrape off dust and dirt firmly and never miss any corner dust. With its sensors, the robot vacuum automatically avoids landings and obstacles. This robot vacuum effortlessly cleans for tiles, parquet, laminate or short-pile etc. You could press bot to start the device or control the vacuum robot with a remote control, very easy and convenient.


  • 7.2cm super-thin vacuum robot 1000Pa strong vacuum cleaner, quiet, ideal for animal hair, carpets, hard floors.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner has a one-key control and automatically recognizes where it has already been cleaned. Therefore no unnecessary double cleaning and no collision with other objects.
  • The INSE robot comes with large lithium batteries that ensure long lasting cleaning sessions. The batteries can support up to 1 hour of continuous cleaning.
  • Simple control operation.
  • High level of automation.


  • Brand: INSE
  • Color: White
  • Controller-type: Remote control
  • Width of the cleaning path: 100 square meters
  • Dust capacity: 400 ml
  • Operating noise: 70db
  • Power consumption of the device: 18W
  • Charging type: manual charging
  • Charging time: ≤ 300 minutes
  • Working time: 100 minutes
  • Lithium battery capacity: 1500mAh
  • Weight: 3.97lbs